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Jacobilli Library (English)


Among the most ancient in Umbria, the Seminary Library of the Dioceses of Foligno acquired its importance in 1662 when Ludovico Jacobilli, a learned priest from Foligno, donated his own conspicuous collection of books (anc. it.: librarìa) to the Seminary (which was founded in 1649).

Having Jacobilli requested that the library be for public use, to this day it serves the purpose of cultural promotion of this territory; a rich collection of ancient manuscripts, prints, and about 100.000 texts, mainly regarding theological and humanistic studies, are available to everyone.


The Jacobilli Library is open for public service according to the following schedule:

Monday15,30 – 18,30
Tuesday15,30 – 18,30
Wednesday15,30 – 18,30
Thursday15,30 – 18,30
Friday09,30 – 12,0015,30 – 18,30


Consultation, reading and studying in the facility

Access and use of the reading hall, for research and studying purposes, is freely permitted by previous registration, in respect of the current privacy regulations.
The consultation of ancient or manuscript materials is permitted to those above the age of 18.


Registered members may borrow books for 30 days. Borrowing is permitted for library material, which has been printed after the year 1900, with the exception of works such as encyclopaedias, periodicals, and books of high value or in a poor state, according to the undisputable judgement of the Direction.
The service is free of charge.

Interlibrary loan (ILL)

Interlibrary loans are subject to the same regulations as the local lending.
For this service we require reimbursement of shipping fees.
Any requests may be forwarded by fax or email.

Photocopies and reproductions

Photocopies: the service is subject to the current regulations; it is not permitted to photocopy manuscripts or other ancient materials. For the sake of maintaining the physical integrity of the documents, the Direction may exclude some materials from the photocopy services.
The service requires a reimbursement fee of €. 0,10 for the A4 format and of €. 0,15 for A3 format.

Digital reproductions: it is permitted to obtain digital reproductions of whatever materials have been excluded from the photocopy services, compatibly with what the Library’s technological resources will allow. The time of delivery of the materials will be discussed with the recipient.
The service requires a fee reimbursement of €. 0,20 per scan, plus a fee of €. 2,00 (in case of home delivery, the shipping fee is €. 5,00).

Trusted professionals handle other methods of reproduction outside the library; the fees are to be previously agreed upon and charged to the recipient.
Any requests may be forwarded by fax or email.

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